The Most Surprising Things Real Couples Say About Porn

The Thrill of Porn Is Growing

The porn industry has a lot of followers. Even married couples watch it, but most people would be surprised to learn the thoughts about this industry and all of the videos.

What many people may find interesting is that many couples like to watch porn, but most of them are not going to tell their partner. A man may often think that it is just himself that is aroused by pornography. He may never take the time to tell his wife that this is something that he is interested in. The reality, however, is that the man is hiding videos that his wife may also enjoy. It is always surprising that couples hide something that would ultimately both enjoy if they simply discussed what they were interested in. This shows that people don’t talk about sex.

Learning New Moves

Another thing that made be surprising is that most people with utilize the pornography to learn new moves. What is even more surprising is that a heterosexual man may actually use tips from lesbians when it comes to oral stimulation. This is something that they may do without even consciously being aware of it. This is not something that is talked about so openly inside of relationships, but it definitely is something that happens often.

The logic that men have is that women know how to stimulate themselves so it is only natural that a woman stimulating another woman would be a very easy task. It can also show a man where he is going wrong so men tend to favor these types of videos if they want to learn better ways to please their women. That is what some porn is for. It is a way to show you more techniques that could be implemented in your own love making.

Few People Watch the Entire Movie

It may be a surprise to filmmakers of pornographic films that couples do not often watch an entire movie. Many consumers of this adult entertainment even do now care about scripted movies. It appears to be something of a joke to people that are looking for quick stimulation. They do not want to see an entire movie where roles are being asked acted out with full scripts. This is why the full porno movies tend to be less popular than quick free online videos that are only about 5 minutes. People that have become interested in pornography typically are going to consume a lot of it. They do not have time to check out single movies with huge storylines to get the pleasure that they seek.

More Time Allocated for Porn

Another thing that may be surprising is that couples allocate more time for porn when they are alone than they do with their partner for actual sex. What people that do not watch pornographic movies don’t understand is that on is a visual thing. This means that there are people that are more interested in watching someone else have sex than they are interested in having sex themselves. This is how they get their pleasure. This is how they are able to create lots of memories that they store for other times when they are trying to stimulate themselves.

Escape From Reality

What many people may assume is that they are escaping their reality. This is shocking when you hear of well mannered couples that seem like they would never even consider sex that much. When they are out of the public eye they become someone with a different personality. They become a lot more inclined to act out some of the roles that they have seen.

It is a good idea to learn about ways to use sex toys as well because this also provides an outlet for pleasure. More women learn how to pleasure themselves with these toys. They learn how to get the job done.

he Birth Control Pill for Men Is it in Our Near Future?

The Pros and Cons Of Male Birth Control: Will Men Be Interested In Using It?

Birth control has always been part of a woman’s journey. Scientists are now saying that we could see the male birth control pill soon. Are men going to be interested in using it or will they just shrug it off?

Some of the benefits of using a male birth control pill

The first major benefit is a little more obvious than people realize. Imagine guys, not having to worry about getting the girl you are dating pregnant. I know there are condoms, but studies have shown that sometimes they are not as effective as people want them to be.

Men will actually, for the first time, get more responsible with their bedroom actions. Men have never truly gained a real responsibility with protection.

Case in point:

The guy swears he will pull out and does not. That has happened more times to women than I can count. I am going, to be honest: guys are not good at pulling out. The feeling they get during sex is so good that they forget or just do not want to. Either way, they do not act responsively.

Men will also gain more awareness of what women go through with birth control. Guys will be on a monthly schedule like women are.


Let’s be honest: guys do not get the lecture from their doctors about birth control that women do. Guys are allowed to act irresponsibly because our society encourages it. Our society places everything on the girls. The guys can sit back and do their thing.

Male birth control would require men to try different methods and monthly appointments with their doctor.

It would also require our society to become more progressive when it comes to reproduction rights and choices. I doubt men would feel the way they do right now if they had to take the pill. A male birth control pill would definitely encourage honest talks with couples, especially about sex.

The Cons:

One of the negatives for this idea is that men would use the pill as an excuse to act more irresponsibly. The number of guys who would still use condoms may decrease.

“I do not need condoms, baby. I am now on the pill. We can have sex as much as we want.”

Guys would definitely get what they want, more sex. However, we have to stop to think about how the girl feels. Does she trust her boyfriend to take the pill when he is supposed to? What happens when he “forgets” to take the pill. She could place the spotlight on him for once.

There could be some couples facing a lot of trust issues they never encountered before. They may also have to face the idea of getting an STD or STI. Condoms prevent the spread of infection. The pill does not.

A guy could go out and have sex with multiple partners without his girlfriend knowing. What is she going to say when she gets infected? Once again, trust issues could become more intense for some couples.

One Other Thing To Consider

Do men have an incentive to take the pill? Some of them could argue that they can rely on their girlfriend to be the responsible one. Once again, it comes down to men not sharing their responsibility with sex. Men love sex. They love how it feels. What they do not love is when it makes them more accountable for what they are or are not doing.

Men do not deal well with side-effects. Girls have side-effects too, but men fail to make a compelling argument as to why they are different.

Only time will tell whether men grow more accustomed to the idea. What do you think? Will men embrace the idea or not?

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Sex and Sunshine: Where You Should Be Hooking Up

The Adventures of Hooking Up

When winter turns to spring the voyeurism in a lot of people will come out. There is an opportunity for people to hook up time and time again, and some people are going to do this outdoors. Some people that like the thrill of possibly getting caught may find themselves in the park with a kinky adventurous hook up. This is something that has become a turn on for the exhibitionist that is also looking for a way to spice things up.

Exploring the Bar Scene

The classic bar hookup is something that most people are going to be familiar with because it provides an opportunity for drinks and conversation that can eventually lead to an interesting night. People have been buying drinks for one another and using this as a conversation starter for years. It has become one of the ultimate plays in the hooking up playbook, and it is still something that works quite well. Men that have picked women up in bars this way don’t see any need to break away from a textbook play that seems to work even in the age of technology.

Creating More Opportunities to Hook Up Through Dating Apps

The bar scene is still a legitimate way to get someone to come home with you, but you may be able to get a great hook up even if you never leave your home. This is the magic of technology. It shows that the younger generation has changed in the way that they perceive hooking up. Millennials are making a virtual world where they can get with someone online and correspond back and forth without even seeing the person before an actual hookup. This adds an element of thrill to the hookup. You are connecting intimately with a person that you previously only knew through words.

Friends Provide A New Outlook

Another part of the hook up concept involves getting connected by way of a friend. You may not realize the potential that comes with having friend with single friends, but this is a great way to hook up with someone. It may be to your advantage to reach out to your friends let them know that you are single and on the market. This changes things. There may be friends that you have not spoken to in years. You may find that these friends are familiar with friends that you do not know that are single. Sometimes a person that was in a relationship may be on the market again. People that have been in a relationship where they have been hurt may just be looking for a chance to have a couple of drinks and engage in a good time. They may not have any interest in a long-term relationships because they are still recovering from the last one.

One Night Stand

In this day and age of technology it is easier for people to be open about their sexuality. There are people that are communicating through chat rooms and dating apps. They are being upfront about what they want. All that they may be interested in is a one-night stand. They have no intentions of committing to a long-term relationship. You may be having a fun filled experience when the sun goes down. When the sun comes up each one of you may find yourselves going your own way.

Changing Your Perspective

What you will find yourself doing is changing the way that you look at relationships. You will discover that everything is not about falling in love. Sometimes a sexual experience is just a sexual experience. It does not mean that you are a lifelong partnership with the other person. You meet someone that is on the same page with and have a great time. Hooking up is not a relationship and you need to express this in the beginning. You gain respect by just being honest with the person is that is what you want.